Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost?

Our price-quality ratio is excellent. All our products are very durable and of exceptionally design and beauty. Only high quality materials are used for the fabrication of our products. And do not forget our service, we are only satisfied when you are!


“We are very satisfied with the new mirrors you have provided. Also with respect to the fast and kind service service of your company. Please continue, and we are looking forward to a long lasting cooperation.”


Best wishes and kind regards,

J. Huynen, maítre de cuisine

Episcopal Congress Centre Rolduc

Kerkrade, The Netherlands

What’s the use of buffet accessories of JJ?

They’re durable, so a long lifetime is guaranteed. The appearance of our products will increase your sales. Because of their beauty also the employees will be motivated. Mirrors show more for less money.

Mirrors are fragile, surely?

Our buffet-mirrors are made of hardened mirror-glass. This type of glass is 8 time stronger then normal mirror-glass. They can be classified as fracture resistant due to their perfect finish. Because of the design and highly finish it is virtually impossible for the glass to chip.

What is your delivery time?

All our buffet accessories are ex-stock. On special, custom-made orders (under the condition that your order is sufficiently large) and adaptations we will agree to a delivery time after consultation.

Which mirror sizes and models can you supply?

Our program consists of two mirror-groups, both are finished with grey tinted mirror-glass to create a softer reflection.



Buffet Mirrors.

Rectangular models, 32×53 cm, 65×53 cm and 60×40 cm.

Octagonal shaped models, 53×53 cm and 80×53 cm.

All the mirror-edges are protected from knocking and leaking.


Display Mirrors.

Round models: 35 cm and 50 cm.

Shaped models: 32×53 cm and 65×53 cm.

All these mirrors are edge-polished to a smooth perfection.

What about hygiene?

All our mirrors are seamless and according to HACCP-norms. They are dishwasher-proof. During the buffet, the mirrors can be cooled by making use of our cooling accessories.

Aren’t mirrors awkwardly heavy?

Our mirrors are only 4 mm in thickness and do not have to be supported in view of their strength. Therefore even the largest sizes are very light-weight, and are easy to handle accordingly.

How should I store the mirrors?

If the mirrors are stored near to or in the kitchen we recommend you use Storage-Racks. For any other type of storage including transportation we recommend to make use of our special manufactured boxes. Furthermore all our accessories can be supplied in storage means so that damage, loss and annoyance will belong to the past.

What are the various possibilities for the position of my buffet?

All your buffet dishes can be positioned in a flexible way by making use of our supports assortment, slanting as well as gradually. Our sectional Rear Mirror Set with many possibilities and the Mirror Columns provide a delightful and eye-catching appearance.


The products of JJ are a treat for the eye, for anyone who wants to give his buffet appearance. Extremely good quality, neatly finished, a challenge to handle with imagination.


Bert van Manen, Chef Kandinsky – Banquet

Steigenberger Kurhaus Hotel

Scheveningen, The Netherlands.