Welcome to JJ Buffet and Display

Aesthetic, durable, timeless, well thought-out and innovative. We understand the importance and the joy that is achieved from the ultimate presentation of your hard work.

JJ Buffet and Display is a small family business with years of experience in the hospitality business. We are specifically focussed on designing and producing high quality products for the presentation of cold buffets, professionally and to a very high standard but also venture into other branches.

Our products are inspired by our clients. We have combined their needs with our technical know-how and innovative thinking to develop our range of buffet and display mirrors for a beautiful presentation.

Mirrors give a more attractive and fuller feel to your presentation. We have overcome the disadvantages of mirrors and embraced the advantages. JJ Buffet & Display has created the perfect black mirror; 8 times stronger than glass, dishwasher and freezer proof and easy to handle.


Aesthetic, practical, durable, timeless, well thought-out, proven and innovative.

Our range consists of products for presentation, cooling, supporting, storing and transportation of the JJ Buffet & Display mirrors. All products are made of high quality materials to guarantee a long lifespan, making them a worthwhile investment.