JJ Buffetware expierences extensive growth on export markets and is spreading it´s wings troughout
the world, opening one market after the other. In order to keep growing JJ Buffetware in looking for strong
partners on other markets and welcomes new resellers who believe in it´s sortiment, recognizing the opportunity to
create and keep up a healthy, profitable turnover with this refreshing, state-of-the-art productline. Strong partners
that like the idea of surfing on the creative potential and product development of JJ Buffetware, and are willing to
make efforts to get on top of the waves of success, are the partners we may be looking for.

If you feel your company or you as an agent wants to do just that, knowing how to sell products on their Unique Selling
Points, being able to sell JJ Buffetware to managers of different disciplines, please do not hesitate to contact us!
The partners we are looking for are totally confident with and successfully selling to

  • The better restaurants
  • Purchasers for restaurant chains
  • The better hotels
  • Purchasers for hotel chains
  • Middle and upper class Party and Event caterers
  • Purchasers for contract caterers
  • Delicatesse shops
  • Bakeriestores
  • Butchers
  • Fishstores
  • Design stores
  • Supermarkets
  • Cash and Carries

If you have the right infrastructure and network on your local market to cover (part of) these target
market segments, have the right entrances and professional sales staff knowing to sell on arguments, you
could be the person or company we are looking for.

You can either work as stock keeping wholesaler or as an agent developing sales on your local market by interesting
dealers and endusers for JJ Buffetware. If you believe JJ Buffetware is likely to be a reliable, supportive and motivating
partner, now and in the future, we would appreciate you to contact us.

We offer ofcourse healthy conditions and our goal is to build a longlasting relationship that is to mutual satifaction,
with an openminded communciation and eye for your needs. JJ Buffetware believes in protection and support of it´s partners
in different ways, using marketing mix tools taylor made for the specific needs on specific markets, working with one global
export pricelist and structure of conditions.

If you are interested in a parntership with JJ Buffetware, please contact our Export SalesRep Pieter Jacobs, either by email
or by phone.


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